EXERCISE 103- Teesha Brading

Yellowstone National park is one of my places to travel too. It's one of biggest national parks in the USA. There is a lot of different land marks and wild live that are there in the park. One of their famous sights are the geysers such as old faithful and the hot springs.

I really like how they used a bird-eye view to capture this photo. There's a natural feel to the photo and it grabs us in and feels like where there. Theres so much detail to the different colors in the hot spring.


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  1. I like how the colors are vibrant in this picture. This image really captures your attention, makes me want to visit the site.

  2. I love how the orange is emanating from the center look like tendrils. They gives the photograph a feeling of outward movement.

  3. I really like this photo. By looking at the path at the very top of the photo, I can imagine the scale of the spring. I also like a illusion caused by the color gradation.

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