Exercise 103 – Wei Chin

Paddleboaters explore the lake

This picture was taken by Pályi. She points her camera north to the horizon, and with only water in the background. This photo clearly uses the "symmetry" technique which makes it look very balanced. She puts the boat in the center of the photograph and makes us focus on the boat, and this is "radial composition". I think this photograph also includes "overlapping layers". For example, the first layer is the yellow slide, the second layer is the boat itself, the third layer is the two people, the last one is the background which is ocean and sky. This picture makes me feel calm.

The link to the photograph: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/magazine/article/in-landlocked-hungary-this-sea-is-all-some-tourists-need

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  1. Hello Wei Chin, thank you for sharing the picture. I think this a great example of how a photographer can use the symmetry technique. I like how this picture balances the colors and how it plays with the layers of the water and the sky. It makes it look as one. I also like how clear the water looks.

  2. I like the brightness of this photo in both the exposure, and the colors. It uses symmetry, however there is nothing I see that “breaks” this photo, as it is almost a perfect example of symmetry.

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