Exercise 103 – Wyatt York

Link to Photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/_s8mcclI5G/

This image is a photo my best friend took for the holidays of 2015. A variety of composition techniques and other factors make this photo exceptional. In terms of technique and the configuration, the photo has a strong sense of forethought and composition. The focal point of the brightest light in the foreground acts as an anchor for what makes the photo "good". This focal point adheres very well to the rule of thirds both vertically and horizontally. The light is the focus for the shallow depth of field and draws the viewer's eye initially. From that focal point, the photo plays out a narrative with the branches acting as different paths that the eye can follow and explore the image. The colored lights act as stops of interest along the diagonal paths. The image also has a strong sense repetition in the round lights and diagonal branching paths. The composition works in conjunction with the subject to keep the viewer's eye constantly exploring and dancing around the photo.

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