Exercise 103 Yin Nam Law (Rick)

This picture located in Washington DC and this is the metro station. I choose this picture finally because I think it has aesthetic feeling. When I saw this picture at the very first time, I think this is such a modern design. We can see symmetry in this picture and the vertical line in the central. These features can make this picture beautiful and make people feel comfortable.


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  1. Amazing example of repetition and diagonality. I love the lightning of the picture that create the sense of “Clean”. And the people on the stairs made the feeling of lively but not hassle.

  2. I really like the symmetry in this pic. I feel very satisfied by looking at this pic. The celling looks like it is made out of glass and that is very great to that place

  3. I agree with you that it is a nice usage on symmetry in this picture, there is good balance between both of sides and I love how this picture is using one point perspective view.

  4. The radiating focus in this image is really strong. Because of the geometry of the curved walls the lines go to infinity. One looks around and finds that all lines are converging at one point and it is pleasing to the eye.

  5. This image is so intriguing, the repetition and symmetry created a good balance. When I was looking at the picture I feel like I was being leaded to somewhere which give me a sense of mysteriousness in the picture.

  6. Although this photo doesn’t necessarily use the rule of thirds, it has a stronger impact by guiding the eye through one focused point. the contrast between the creamy white ceiling and the black of the rails and the stairway shows elegance and extenuates modern interior architecture that is present. It’s clear that the photographer definitely appreciated this work and design as well.

  7. Amazing picture, very architecture style photo, and good balance between ceiling and the train rail. Also from the building design thus picture looks very ordered and clearly.

  8. This picture is a great example of symmetry. The white lights on each side and the ceiling added a good effect.

  9. I like this photo a lot because it is a perfect example of using the technique of symmetry and I like the composition of this photograph where it is shot in the angle of 1 point perspective. I also like the color of the photo where it gives strong contrast to it.

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