Exercise 103 – Zachary W.

"Abandoned" by Rudolf Vlcek

I think this is a very nice photo that utilizes multiple compositional techniques. "Framing" is arguably the most noticeable with the square openings drawing your eyes to the window in the back. The second most noticeable technique would be "overlapping layers" due to the nature of multiple walls and lighting differences in the image. Last but not least is "diagonal" which is the most subtle of the compositional techniques. Just after the first opening rays of light fall diagonally onto the floor highlighting the debris strewn across the ground.

You can find the original image here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kelehen/28858904884/in/photolist-KYaqZA-MJhumB-LU9xC3-FNjgFc-2ha2Lgf-2iNuR5u-2j7FTp7-gLo3kj-2ik9DdE-MRCq3Z-fwrzzh-23LQXaE-CArkst-2iBE4c8-2ihocYh-q3FG2R-D5Ki2d-LfCLjX-24irPYr-2bxwm2K-2isf36C-2juoGmu-dwkX34-28XjDtX-G6Eb3Z-2jmatoH-Kpb8vq-FA7onZ-9cfHrF-moj8vs-JaFT9W-2jfHeMX-Q1VeU6-3h9oXE-HYAidt-cJu6tY-dwkWRg-RVfBdj-24Do9G8-dwkY3e-e1xH9R-29KWG6N-5Wh3vj-2hhRBYo-2fRvRQA-dwrvYo-dwkXPn-2gPVWXu-2jkjLMK-dwkYdv

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