Exercise 103-Zaheer Shujayee

This National Geographic photo of Canadian soldiers is excellently composed, and has excellent color grading. The photo makes of use of thirds, having the human subjects in the center ninth of the photo, and the nose of the plane also taking up the center third. Additionally, the photo makes great use of asymmetry, with the wings of the plane breaking the horizon line. The photo has excellent shadows, with the midtones still being partially in shadow. The highlights are slightly warm to contrast with the mostly cold photo.

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  1. This photo caught my attention because of the dramatic discovery of this plane and the composition of the photo. The time and temperature is communicated with the shadows and shades of blue, however the slight warm tones on the left are apparent as well. The photographer took the time to contrast the colors along with the aperture. I like the angle of the photo, which allows the viewer to see the side of the plane and part of the back that is buried in snow. The photograph showcases the plane in a very dramatic manner and leaves me intrigued.

  2. Wow you selected an awesome photo! It tells an amazing story and the composition is laid out perfectly. I really like the warmth of the clouds and the sky to contrast the cool tones in the rest of the photo. I also like how the photo is not too contrasted so you can see what’s going on and so the blacks and the highlights don’t wash everything out. Thank you for sharing!

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