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I think that the photographer used symmetry, overlapping layers and depth of field in this picture. The way that they capture the person in the middle of the bridge emphasizes the size of this insane looking bridge that is over a ton of trees. They are also telling a story in the fact that the subject is walking to what looks like a home. The fog bank coming in from above breaks up all the trees that are surrounding the bridge and house. The use of color in this picture helps keep your focus on the center of the image.


By Zoraida

Hello, My name is Zoraida and I am studying architecture on the side. I am in construction and have been intrigued by the process which leads me to where I am.

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  1. I really love the composition of this photo. The photographer very well could’ve just taken a photo of the bridge, but taking one from the angle that they did makes it feel as if I am walking there myself. I also appreciate that the bridge only takes up the bottom third of the page, and the rest is the wilderness around it.

  2. I love how this photo tells a story and draws me in. There is strong symmetry and depth that makes me focus past the bridge and onto the adventurous landscape in front of it. Also like how the photographer made the path lighter than everything around it, really accentuating the focal point of the photo.

  3. What a great shot! I love symmetry so this is pleasing to my eyes. Yet one can say it satisfies the rule of thirds, as you can see one-third of the bottom is nothing but the bridge and all the details of it. Fantastic!

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