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My great grandfather took this photograph of the San Francisco Ballet under the Golden Gate Bridge. I think it is an beautiful photo that takes both, the ballerinas and the bridge and together captures the essence of beauty and art that can be discovered in San Francisco. The shot is perfectly set up having the line of ballerinas directly between the nearest and farthest piers and their heads lined up directly below the lowest horizontal bar on the nearest pier. The use of lines is very prominent in the photograph which creates depth. The lines from the bridge leading diagonally from the top left corner to the lower right-hand corner and then the platform on which the ballerinas are standing follows a perpendicular line from the bottom right-hand corner to the lower-mid left side of the frame providing a focus on the line of ballerinas whose heads form a perfect horizontal line across the bottom section of the frame.  The fog that frames the photo almost mimics the fluffiness of the ballerina's tutus once again bringing together the city of San Francisco and the arts, in this case ballet.

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  1. Hi Geneva, I love this picture. This photo fully demonstrates the shooting techniques of “Diagonal” and “Overlapping Layers”. These ballet dancers do the same movements and overlap to create depth. The Golden Gate Bridge also attracted my attention. Thank you for sharing the picture!

  2. Hi Geneva, I really like all the elements in this picture. Not only does it capture the “diagonal” and “overlapping layers” techniques well, it also captures the ballet dancers from eye level, but also the bridge is captured from ground ( or eye-level) up. This is a great photo!

  3. The golden gate bridge is actually what inspired me to make a career in architecture/engineering. It is such a marvel! even though I know that it isn’t the main focus of the picture, the use of the focus on the dancers with the blurred out bridge in the back directs your attention in the photo.

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