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  1. The featured image that you used is what caught my attention. The fine detail in the wood came to light with a few adjustments to the levels, curves, and using the channel mixer. I did not really see anything too different in the building windows images.

  2. I like the portrayal of texture in your first photo which is taken from a close angle in order for the texture to be visible in the image. I also like how the picture is taken from an angle rather than straight on. I also like your photo with the windows because it is uniform and follows a pattern but you can also see into the glass. The last photo captures a story with the wilting plants which is portrayed well in the gray tones of the picture.

  3. Very nice detailed macro photos, with amazing editing skills. I really like you black and white photos where it is nicely done. Very smooth and really engaging. Overall nice photos.

  4. I really like the first picture you took; it is taken from an unexpected perspective. You didn’t focus on the entire bench, but the texture and the materials of the bench. The fallen leaves on the bench makes it even more interesting.

  5. My favorite of your three images is the one of the pink-red flowers. The color scheme of a mostly monochromatic background really helps the colors of the flowers pop.

  6. The way the first photo is edited gives more texture to the wood. The details are clearly shown. I like how the windows are taken from an angle. nice selection of photos.

  7. I like the picture of first one. The focused flower and blurred background look so good. And also texture of wood also looks great.

  8. I think you did a great job of finding angles for the photographs, it makes your photos have better compositions especially the first one, I also like the second one how you capture the grid on the building as a kind of texture.

  9. I like the pictures that you’ve chosen and how clean it is. You can see the details on each one especially the first picture. The edits that you used made the shot look crisp and sharp.

  10. I really love the feature image you chose. The texture of wood is clearly shown and the big aperture you use makes the photo have a very deep field.

  11. I love this featured image. It has great composition. My attention is focused on the wood texture due to a blurred vanishing point at the far end of the wood. I like how sharp the detail is on the wood grain, peeling paint and even the fallen leaves.

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