Exercise 104 – Adelhk

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  1. Amazing photos! I really like how you experimented with a wide range of effects that can give the photo a very different results for each. However, would you consider using a wider variety of photos? For example, night photos, closeups etc.

  2. wow! These three picture you chose were stunning. In every single one of the pictures I can see the different photo shop layers that we worked on in class and it makes a big difference. I think my favorite picture has to be the first one with the pond because i love how the building in the background has a pattern that goes from tall to short. The really is the focal point of that picture, good choice! & with the photo shop effect in place its just great!

  3. Your gallery is consistently consisted of architectural images, which I think is really cool. Your use of the techniques that we learned in class gives each image a different atmosphere, which makes all your images interesting to look at. I especially like the presentation of linear elements in the last group of photos. The compositions in your images are overall very good!

  4. Those architectural images which are taken by a very good position are so awesome. I can easily see the techniques we learn in class on every photo; I really like the last set of photos, because the bridge comes out very good on every adjustment layer.

  5. Those pictures are awesome. I can see the techniques use really well. The last set of photos are my favorite, because the bridge comes out very good on every adjustment layer.

  6. I really enjoyed your post. The angle that you captured the architecture of the Pleasant Hill City Hall is very compelling. The use of repetition and angles that you captured in the photo of the bay bridge, along with the colors of the sunset behind it, are intriguing as well.

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