Exercise 104, Alvar

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  1. I like the photos you shot. It is so attractive to me that a image of simple micro thing could create a kind of “life” and romantic atmosphere.

  2. Your photos were intriguing to me with the darker, moody atmosphere, that you were able to achieve. I also enjoyed how the subjects you chose to capture were simple and everyday, yet you were able to make them interesting and appealing.

  3. Being able to capture the banal and make it interesting takes talent. Your ability to take these everyday items and settings and give them a romantic/darker feel to them is amazing. These look like still from an A24 movie.

  4. These pictures are really awesome! You were able to take ordinary things and post process them into something that is eye catching and artistic. My personal favorite pictures are the pictures of the microwave, I would have never thought to take pictures of a microwave. Great job!

  5. I like the angle you took the photo to the microwave. The one with green filter is very nice. It looks like retro style and very old HongKong style.

  6. Such a simple subject like a microwave can become interesting after a few adjustments in color manipulation. Really a good green tint, like something out of suspira.

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