Exercise 104 | Audrey Mae Garcia

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  1. I enjoy the light and vibrancy you were able to bring out in these photos. The dodge and burn version of the science building stood out to me, how you did the sky was beautiful.

  2. It’s interesting how you played with the different monochromes. Like Jacob mentioned, your dodge&burns really stand out more, like the clouds in the second pic and the darkened background scenery and foreground tree. I think you could have made the images into a gallery format which might have been a little bit easier to scroll thru pics and compare them.

  3. The radial effect given by the fallen trees branches give an excellent effect and liveliness to the photo. I think that the light wood contrasts nicely with the dark black water and the more vibrant green tones.

  4. I enjoyed all of your black and white images, seems like I’m watching an older film from the past. I also agree with the other comments that having that scrolling option would of have been easier to see all of the photos.

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