Exercise 104 – Brenda Hernandez-Diaz

By Brenda Hernandez-Diaz

Hi, My name is Brenda Hernandez-Diaz. I have a background in Art and Sculpture in both CCSF and SFSU. I am currently studying at Diablo Valley College. My Associate of Science in Architectural Design degree is anticipated Spring 2021. And a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture at UC Berkeley to follow. I enjoy brainstorming, and pondering new and old ideas. I treasure being outdoors, walking, hiking, and bike riding. I appreciate design, balance, and mindfulness.

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  1. The first photo is so beautifully textured. I’m drawn to the sense of melancholy in this collection of photos. They all go together really well.

  2. I am particularly amazed by your featured photo. Your use of Photoshop does well with drawing out the texture while also enhancing the shadows that result from it.

  3. the first photo was done so well that I couldn’t tell that it was made black and white at first glance until I saw the other images where I saw the brown swirls

  4. Awesome texture shot. The increased contrast in some of the edits really makes the brown wood texture pop out. Maybe I would like to see the shadows brightened in the last set.

  5. This images are amazing and present great texture. My favorite picture is the Doors image with the levels adjustment. It projects the contrast between brick wall and two doors centered in the image.

  6. The texture shot is great! I like the texture one with black&white and levels. Also the door’s horizontal arrangement and the brick patterns match well.

  7. I like the texture picture, it’s very rare to see a texture shot like that. I think you could use some more effort to make the colours pop in the the edited pictures.

  8. Great texture photo! You did a great job at bringing out its sense of depth through shadows and color. The other photos have great composition as well.

  9. Love the texture of the first image. The shadows on the doors look very strong, could use a subtler touch to it.

  10. i really like all the photo especially the doors one. i like how the doors are symmetrical with the vent breaking that up. also the editing helps show the texture

  11. I particularly like your second image the simplicity of the doors really caught my attention, the symmetry just makes the door pop, but i feel like the strongest action this picture gives is with the colors of the bricks they feel very vibrant.

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