Exercise 104 – chak ying wong

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  1. I am not sure but it’s interesting to me that all of the 3 photos have a similar color in it. the tint of a little bit of red, yellow, orange, and more somehow creates a relationship among them. 🙂

  2. I’m hungry in the morning because of your post…but if you raised exposure a bit more and adjusted the tone to somewhere warmer, as well try to keep the table closer to true white… the food would look doubly appealing!

  3. Here is like a food blog. LOL… The photographs of food and tea with strong contrast make them look much more delicious.

  4. It’s quite interesting how much the levels adjustment layer adds to the brightness and contrast in the colors of your tree images. Definitely like your variety in picture choice. Buildings, foods, and objects in water.

  5. The pictures that you took are really amazing due to the balance of the composition of each photo. Especially, the teapot. Although it is just a large teapot sitting in the middle of the photo, the position of the handle and spout have create a strong diagonal line. In addition, the flower of the tea has create hierarchic of shape. Good job.

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