Exercise 104 -David San Miguel

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  1. In comparison, I can see the difference of each photos. I like how you played with the contrast, lighting, and adjustments. You seem to get along with photoshop pretty well. Good luck!

  2. Great photo ! I like how you play with the shadow that make a perfect combination to the centre object. I also love the filter which give a lot of contrast to the person.

  3. The composition that you contain in each of your images is beautiful. The way you play with you model, it is not the same pose or same features it adds to the pictures themselves. And having overlapping by shadows and organic elements brings it all together. Adding the variations of editing to the image allows some elements to pop or where her skin glows. These are really breathtaking images, complimenting the beautiful model.

  4. This was such a beautiful bundle of images. The unique shadows and shapes that framed the model drew me in deeper and gave each photo a its own personality and allowed the viewer to feel something different in each photo.

  5. Great photos, I especially like your use of shadows in each one because it makes the photo a lot more eye-catching.

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