Exercise 104 – Doris Zhang

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  1. I really liked how you experimented with a range of photos (night, day, closeups etc.) to be able to see the different effects it can have on different types of photos.

  2. i really enjoy the photograph of the student store at night, looks great! the enhancements to it really make it pop and gives a new perspective on our everyday structures. Good work looks like something out of a magazine, very beautiful capture.

  3. I really like the late photo you posted. It follows the rule of third and the depth of field is well expressed.

  4. I really like the night shot of the Bookstore which contains the tree, the figure of the person, and the beautiful shape of the bookstore.Moreover, I think it is a silent night but also warm due to the light inside the Bookstore.

  5. The picture of the bookstore is very good. The lighting coming from within the building makes this picture very interesting. I feel like the lighting brings out the architecture from the bookstore.

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