Exercise 104 Go Nakao

By Go

Hello, I’m Go Nakao. My major is architecture and I want to be an architect in the future. Please feel free to contact me.

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  1. I really like your photos, especially the stairs. The photo you’ve altered with Curves and D&B are very well done. You’ve added just enough of the burn portion to the stairs. I also like the photo with the building and tree, very well composed with Pop option. The photo has just enough light to showcase the front of the building and sun setting. Very well done.

  2. All of your photos feel very serene, somehow. I particularly like the photo that you took of the two skyscrapers. Usually photos taken in cities give off a feeling of being rushed, but the way you framed yours with the sky taking up most of the photo makes it feel quite calming. The editing, as well, made all the colors pop, which I think has done wonders for the photo.

  3. I enjoyed looking through your pictures. My favorite is Starbucks’ picture as it doesn’t look like starbucks. For me, Starbucks is something built in the center of a bustling city where people keep coming in and out. However, in this picture, it looks more like a peaceful area, and the Starbucks building is well combined with the background scenery. This quiet and nice impression is not erased in every modified picture, which I like about.

  4. Hey I really enjoyed looking at the different images of the stairs. In that image particularly I think the D&B really shines, because of the angle the image is taken in with the natural lighting.

  5. Really nice work! Your pictures are really stunning, I really like the picture of the buildings as well as the picture of the stairs. The D&B edited picture of the stair is really nice and gives a different perspective on the image.

  6. Usually, city photos give you a sense of haste, but your photos take up a lot of sky, which makes you feel calm. Again, all the colors have been edited to stand out, which I think has done wonders for the photo.

  7. That picture of the steps is really eye catching! The good thing about that picture is that it works really well in black and white and also in color.

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