Exercise 104-Hari Deevi

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  1. Nice selection of photos to use for editing. I really like the red peppers photos. You can tell how different features were used to help improve picture quality.

  2. I really like your photos where all the colors are artistically shown with a lot of details. Also, the lighting of your photos just makes everything look more nicely.

  3. Your photos were the one that caught my attention the most because it just looks calm and peaceful. I like how you used the depth effect on each one. Rule of thirds were also used especially on the second photo. The brown part just stands out with all the green leaves on the background.

  4. Nice focus and color scheme! I like the way you take photo,especially the second one ( the red flower on top of the green leaves) these are the pair of contrast color people usually use in painting and you apply it to photography appropriately. It makes the flowers pop up and attracts audience.

  5. I like the selection of photos you took. Nature is always calming. The editing makes the photos more interesting. The colors of the peppers were popped out which is really nice to look at.

  6. I can see that natural patterns are interesting to you. By using a macro photo your foreground foliage is crisp while the background is not distracting, nice. The plant stock on the last image really work best with color.

  7. I really like how you choose to focus on the plants when taking this group of photos. It blurs out the background and the editing makes the plants very intriguing and eye-catching as well.

  8. I love all the picture you took and edited. You focused on the details and the best parts of the entire objectives which people don’t usually notice. For the first one, the orange sunshine lightens the picture, and makes the picture more interesting.

  9. I like the second one of the first set of photos. The black leaves have a clear shape with a warm color background. It is great to emphasize the main object but also with an attractive scenery.

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