Exercise 104 – Ignacio Piqueras

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  1. Hello Ignacio,

    I particularly enjoyed your vertical photograph of the building. The shadows on the walls and geometric shapes of the rooftops make a really interesting pattern that’s highlighted very well by the white sky.

    – Joe

  2. Hello Ignacio,
    I liked how you used a reel of images to show the complex steps of a skateboard trick. Awesome Photos!

  3. Hello, Ignacio
    The skateboarding photo look really good. I think you use panorama mode when you take those photos. Isn’t it? Photo with an impressive 90 degree angle is also wonderful. The corners of the two buildings are like pieces of a puzzle. Your photos look professional.

  4. Hello Ignacio,
    The skateboarding photo is very nice because it is very dynamic and vigorous. I especially like the black and white one because your postures are emphasized with the black shirt. Anyway, it is nice that you seems to be very good at skateboard!

  5. All of your photos are very well executed. I like all of them, however the building you took the photo of at an angle is amazing!! It took me a second to realize you were looking up. You’ve captured a stunning picture. I especially like the photo that displays curves, it’s shows just enough light and shadows. Very nicely done.

  6. The skateboarding photo looks very active and eye-catching. You can see the transformation of the person’s motion on the skateboard in that picture. But the problem is, I could not see much of a difference and characteristics in each modified photos except for the black-and-white one. Probably you could change the light and color.

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