Exercise 104 – Jared Calvo

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  1. Interesting pictures. I like the roller coaster the most. The light blue match really nicely with the yellow. Great job!

  2. The photo editing of the roller coaster really brings out the vibrant colors. I also like the angle you used for the photo inside the building.

  3. The photos of the house or whatever structure it is is incredibly interesting. As you can tell, i still can”t exactly make out what it is, but that definitely adds rather than takes away from the photo.

  4. Your pictures are very colorful and it makes them look comfortable to the eyes. The angles of your photo also give them a special feel to them.

  5. The three photos are so individually artistic. Personally, my favorite is the black and white version of the last photo. The picture was taken indoors and the part of the building captured in the image doesn’t vary in color. With the black and white feature it removes the color from the sky seen through the ceiling window. This allows the image to be focused on the angle in which it was taken and the architecture of the building’s interior.

  6. the rollercoaster photo is really cool. i like how you edited the photo to make it more vibrant and make the colors pop.

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