Exercise 104 – Joel S. Beaird

By j.beaird

Digital gardens and internal architecture

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  1. Your photos really stand out to me, as the color schemes of the ones posted here are very eye catching. I especially like the photo that you took of the traffic cone. It is something that I would not have thought to take a picture of, and you framed it very well.

  2. The “red” sky really stood out and each effects made it more scarier which shows that it’s a great picture. Your photos are very unique which I really like and good job capturing all pictures!

  3. The black and white tree picture really stood out to me, I feel like you edited it perfectly where its not too light or dark in some areas, and everything is still very visible and detailed in the photo. I also like how we can see the lighter parts of the sky within the black and white photo. The angle you took it at is also very eye catching.

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