Exercise 104-Kilia Hernandez

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  1. You have some really nice photos. They have some interesting angles and a good close up. The changes you made to the photos are very subtle. I wonder how it would look if you made some more drastic changes. I also like the diagonal in the photo with the bricks.

  2. The composition of some of these photos is really good. the first photo with the bush or grass on the right bottom and the grass with brick on the left. the close up photo of the plant looks nice

  3. The layer of the flower is beautiful, it also gives it more shadow witch makes it more interesting. I also love taking pictures of the blue sky and love how you bring the tree inside the view.

  4. The sun in the photo with the trees gives off a nice focal point and also has a nice color to it. When this photo is in black & white the branches look like silhouettes, which makes for a neat aspect.

  5. I personally think that the composition of your first set of photos, the grass, can be better. In this photo of yours, there is an obvious boundary between the grass and the slate. This is a very obvious line element. Now it is slightly inclined, but it is parallel or has a larger inclination angle. I think it may be Better.

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