Exercise 104 Kyoko Sakakida

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  1. I like the 4th picture of the frog one the most. The change you made let the texture of the water looks really good.Cute picture!s

  2. These pictures are beautiful, the glossiness of the frog makes it look professional. Overall the quality of these photos are great.

  3. Playing with the vibrancy of the frog was really interesting to see. I’m interested to see how else you can make the frog pop in post-processing.

  4. The photos you took are amazing. Using photos that have strong colors make the pictures very aesthetic. My favorite one is the first image with the implementation of pop. The building and green scenery improved with Photoshop.

  5. I interest in the 4th image from right to left. Every single pencil is so obvious and bright. They makes me so comfortable. Really nice work. Thank U

  6. good color working! I like your black and white color looks clearly, and the mint- colored frog has a clear glow.

  7. Using strong pictures of colors, color changes are evident, especially by using colored pencils with different colors.

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