exercise 104 | Lola Cinco

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  1. I love the crab pictures and how you got up close with them. I can see the different techniques that you used and it is so cool that we can distinguish the differences between them and the original photo. I especially love the street photo because the different colors of the buildings add more color to the photo.

  2. very good photos showing composition techniques like the thirds. the dog on the bottom left side. The crab close up photo shows textures and looks kind of scary

  3. I love the pictures of the crab and you made it looks more delicious witch I’m starving right now. I also like how you made the rainbow stand out from the picture compared to the original one.

  4. I really enjoy the shot with the dog especially when it’s black & white. I like how the right side of the dog’s face is covered in sunlight, while the left side is more on the darker side. It creates colors close to true black and true white in the photo.

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