Exercise-104 Maryna Koroliuk

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  1. Wow! is what come first to my mind. These pictures are mesmerizing. The forest on fire is a dramatic and sad reminder of climate change right here in our back yard! The smoke blown by the wind give the picture movement and I can smell it.
    The picture with the tree and the sunset seems like straight out from a fairy tale; I can imagine the deer and the rabbits jumping and running around happy and careless, the enhancement of the reds is astonishing! Excellent photos I wish I took them but I am content to appreciate your work and enjoy them.

  2. These photos are really amazing! I love the color and detail in the sun. The contrast is really good too! Awesome photos!

  3. You have a very good eye for capturing nature at its finest. These photos look so unreal and are extremely mesmerizing. Because you are so good at editing, it seems like I’m looking through 18 completely different pictures. Great job, love it!

  4. These pictures are really great, all three of them stand out to me and are very well taken but my favorite one is the picture of the fog in the trees, I think its a creative picture to capture the fog right next to the light appearing in the trees and both the fog and light make this image pop really well.

  5. I feel like the second set of images is your strongest because of the strong foreground and the movement created by the hills cascading back into the horizon especially with the sun positioned on a “rule of thirds” line.

  6. Wow! these pictures really well taken, I particularly like the last one, the fog in the threes is very impressive. Although the first one gives really strong Lord of the Rings vibes.

  7. Holy cradoodle, this picture is one of my favorites. I really love the colors used, this picture is just spectacular.

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