Exercise 104 – Nayhb Oseguera

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  1. You were able to capture some really great pictures! I can see that you focused a lot on the compositional techniques we learned like, overlapping layers, rule of thirds, diagonal element to direct attention, and lines that lead our eye to a specific point. I really like the B&W edit of the train track photo. It helps to really highlight the light peaking through the shadows onto the track as well as keep your focus on the focal point opposed to getting distracted by the colors of the surrounding environment.

  2. I think the black and white train photo really stands out due to its lights and darks. The one point perspective is also very visually pleasing. Another photo I really liked was of the ocean because of how you made the water a bit more dramatic.

  3. I think your phone booth photo is super artistic and well done! the way you composed the image with the rule of third made an ordinary object like a phone booth interesting!

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