exercise 104 Olivia Scheffler

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  1. I love the last set of photos of your slideshow because the contrast between the background and the figure gives me a strong impression! The way you brighten the read and darken the background is so great.

  2. Your featured image is what caught my attention. The picture has some nice things that show how calm this area is. The way you adjusted the images with different levels and curves makes a person want to be there. While switching to different pictures, I noticed right away the green grass was brought to life. Great job on your ability to adjust quality of pictures!

  3. Your black & white image of the palm trees and buildings has a nostalgic feel to it; like it was taken a few decades ago but very modern at the same time.

  4. Interesting statue I agree with your choice that the black and white has the most character and creates an authoritarian feel without the color.

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