Exercise 104 – Reina Fischer

By Reina

Hello, my name is Reina Fischer, and I’m a returning student. I attended DVC after graduating WAY back in 1992-1994, unfortunately I was a young adult with no drive and no direction of a career/major at the age of 16. So I decided to get a full time job working for a telecommunications company, started a family, got married, and realized I wanted a career that afforded me the opportunity to be a mother first, so I decided to attend beauty school and become a cosmetologist; 10 years later, as my oldest daughter is now also attending DVC, I have decided to embark on a new career/hobby. I haven’t really decided what my major is going to be. I started taking a few drafting classes i.e. AutoCAD 3D and Revit and thought this class would be interesting as well as a course that would fulfill a GE requirement. In my spare time I like to be creative, whether I’m crafting or learning how to use a new software.

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  1. Hi Reina, I like the first set of pictures you took. The curves layer really shows the vibrant red and dark tones in the image.

  2. Hi Reina,
    Thanks for sharing about yourself. I think we were in Professor Chi’s class together last semester. Being a returning student myself, I can say it has not been easy. Good luck in this semester and I hope to learn a lot in this class as well.
    I really liked your Troy Building pictures! I think you followed the 1/3 rule well that the umbrellas seem to be on the imaginary lines. Good use of the diagonal technique as well.

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