Exercise 104 – Reina Fischer

This image has a lot of different things going on. First is the movement in the image, it seems to be a bit of a long exposure. You can tell because both the spider and fly are both pretty much in focus whereas the web itself looks shaky. This is quite impressive I am curious to know just how long the photographer had to wait to capture this specific moment. On another note, I liked how this image was framed diagonally vs horizontally. Creates a leading lien from both corners to the subject but also leaves some blank space not to distract you away from the focus of the web.


By Reina

Hello, my name is Reina Fischer, and I’m a returning student. I attended DVC after graduating WAY back in 1992-1994, unfortunately I was a young adult with no drive and no direction of a career/major at the age of 16. So I decided to get a full time job working for a telecommunications company, started a family, got married, and realized I wanted a career that afforded me the opportunity to be a mother first, so I decided to attend beauty school and become a cosmetologist; 10 years later, as my oldest daughter is now also attending DVC, I have decided to embark on a new career/hobby. I haven’t really decided what my major is going to be. I started taking a few drafting classes i.e. AutoCAD 3D and Revit and thought this class would be interesting as well as a course that would fulfill a GE requirement. In my spare time I like to be creative, whether I’m crafting or learning how to use a new software.

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  1. This is quite a fascinating photo! Before reading your description of the photo, I thought this was an angled photo of city lights (difficult to see from the student work view versus viewing up close). The photo has some negative space, however, it aids in providing a contrasting of the reflective lights of the spiderweb.

  2. Hi, I like the picture you chose because it captures the spider as if it was in 3d. I can identify that it is angled and that the lights give a great accent to the image.

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