Exercise 104 – Shane Chavez

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  1. I really like the image of the squirrel. The adjustments you have done on Photoshop really bring out the colors of the image and highlights the squirrel. I also like how you are able to see the little popcorn that the squirrel is eating. I also really like the beach photo because the fence seems to be framing the view of the sea which is a really interesting element.

  2. The photo of the squirrel is really good. I think that moment is hard to catch it, because he did’t run away. The squirrel and the tree was like half half and the eye of the squirrel is on “third third”.

  3. Great pictures, they are all very different. the first set of pictures of the bookstore show great reflection of the sky. the building is captured nicely in the frame and shows off its best angle. The overall blue tint is a nice hue with the sky and building glass both being blue.

  4. The squirrel that you capture is really cute and I appreciate that you even take a close up of it. It must be hard to take something like this for me. Also, I realize that the composition is exactly on the rule of third which makes the photo even more interesting. Thanks for sharing this cute picture.

  5. I really like how you captured the squirrel and the composition of the image using Rule of Thirds. Using the Photoshop really outline it and allow it to stand out a bit more.

  6. I love all of your pictures and the way you made them look crisp and so clear. Squirrel turned out wonderful in the picture and it gives an impression that it was almost posing for your camera.

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