Exercise 104 – Thomas Baumgartner


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  1. You water canal and sunset photos are wild! The water canal remind me a futuristic abandoned city streets awaiting for the allien to jump up on you! from the walls Excellent close up you manage to achieve a difficult effect: depth. The sunset photo is vibrant and evocative of serene peaceful moments! Nice work and keep it up!

  2. Hello Thomas,
    Your photos are really interesting in that you utilize contrasting subjects, a great example of this would be the explosive sunset paired with the concrete buildings which makes the sunset even more surreal.
    Looking through your entire gallery, I noticed that one of your photos in each set has a red-ish hue to them and it’s a bit hard to tell which one the original one is, but the final result doesn’t have it.
    In conclusion, really awesome job with these photos in bringing out the colors and the landscapes as well.

  3. I agree with Zuza, its really intriguing to see such different environments captured in your gallery. Additionally, the way your photos are shot, I feel like I could be in completely different parts of the world. Really good job dude!

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