Exercise 104 – Yan Yung Li (Rosan)

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  1. William Talamantes

    I really appreciate the close up shots that you take, because it exposes a lot of details that would otherwise go unnoticed.

  2. You captured the twisting, peeling bark and of the knotted wood really well. I like how the picture transforms it into something more than it is; due to the way it is framed, it almost looks like an eye, peeking out of the wood.

  3. I think you did a great job in this three photos and the Sakura one is my favorite. I like how you enhance the color and the brightness of the flowers that make it more stand out from the background.

  4. I really like the texture of the tree and I think you shot this from bottom to the top. The “eye” of the tree is on “third third”. Photo is blurred except the “eye”. So,we could focus on the point.

  5. The close up photos you shot are amazing, I like how you addressed the texture through layers adjustment, great job.

  6. I like the third one of your second set of photos. The vivid color emphasized the texture of it. It was not difficult to find the point that we need to focus on.

  7. I like the second set of pictures, the close up of that tree trunk is mesmerizing to the eye. I also like the last set its very pretty. I always tend to fin those trees so beautiful, got to love spring time.

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