Exercise 104- Zabi Amiri

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  1. I like the different photos that you chose to use on this assignment. The one that I really like was the one that was taken off of a balcony. The clouds really stand out and I wonder if you used the dodge and burn technique on it.

  2. I can see the rule of thirds in your images. Also, I see you like capturing sun rays. It gives a nice effect and good diagonals to the pictures. In the photo of the balcony, it is interesting to see how much the blue color of the sky changes with each alteration. The other two have subtler changes but it is cool to see.

  3. Very bright colors and nature. using some compositions techniques like lola mentioned. The balcony on the right side with the sky and deck on the left

  4. The photo with the staircase has a really nice angle to it. By tilting this shot slightly to the right you were able to get the sun in the shot, which adds bright sunlight beams and more color to the photo.

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