Exercise 105/6 – Angelyne Lukminto

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  1. Successful execution of the exercise here. We can see a dynamic range of light and dark values in the old photograph using the three blending modes we learned about. We can also see a nice contrast between the Luminosity and Grunge modes and the range of options that gives us to edit a photograph.

  2. love the garden texture of the sunset, the grunge paper texture and he sunset did combine so well it also made it look like its half of the image is fading. the sunset luminosity also look so cool, the color combination is so pretty.

  3. I really like how the luminosity was done on the sailboat photo, it really brings out the sunset in the photo and contrasts very well against the dark water.

  4. I really liked how you used luminosity on the boat image improving the image overall. Multiply did wonders with the first image, your really grasped the concept. Great work!

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