Exercise 105 – Aida Tabatabaei

DSC_3446 E105_DSC_3446_BW E105_DSC_3446_Curves E105_DSC_3446_DB E105_DSC_3446_Levels E105_DSC_3446_Pop DSC_3455 E105_DSC_3455_BW E105_DSC_3455_Curves E105_DSC_3455_D&B E105_DSC_3455_Levels E105_DSC_3455_Pop DSC_3477 E105_DSC_3477_BW E105_DSC_3477_Curves E105_DSC_3477_D&B

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  1. I think the angles you chose to take the pictures are very interesting. Also, I think you did a great job on editing them. I really like what you’ve done with your second to the last photo.

  2. You did such a great job, i really liked your flimsy backgrounds so much, i think you need to post two more to be 18 pictures total if my counting right?! keep it up 🙂

  3. The colors and curves that you chose for your pictures are very intriguing, especially the the student book store. Because it focuses on the highlight of the design of the building instead of the whole building.

  4. Really like the sharp angle form the second last picture. It shows a great contrast between the window and the sky. The color of the sky is kind of interested too.

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