Exercise 105, Alvar




Early July 1942 - "Spectacular gorges on the road to Ehden (Syria)"



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  1. Very nice job on the edit of the sunset photo. I like how the Luminosity settings you used help to brighten up the image and give the clouds more definition. I enjoyed the grunge overlay you used on the picture too. It makes the photo look as if it were a painting of a sunset.

  2. The texture on the sky picture could be a little less opaque, otherwise a beautiful set of photos. I’m really gravitating towards your work – one of my favs in the class or sure.

  3. Your monochrome landscape image applied with the adjustments aren’t heavily affected except for the multiply that darkened the background mountains. The texture you chose for the clouds really comes out between the two. The grudge texture came out well and worked nicely with the lightening of the clouds.

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