Exercise 105 – Chak ying wong

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  1. great pictures. Feeling warm, and there are modern style compare with old school, which is awesome. The texture you overlaid on the original photo are perfect.

  2. The photos are really interesting. The photo of a woman who was riding a bike sort of telling a story about how is her life there.

  3. BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS – easy to work with though. You’re obviously very competent with post processing I want to see you challenge yourself. Vivid colors and the right amount of opacity of the grunge make for a gorgeous set of photos.

  4. Did you do the coloring (perhaps overlay, for me) by yourself? it does look amazing! Plus you sharpened the B&W image, so many people just ignored it.

  5. According to what i have said earlier, I really like the pictures that you took and the pictures that you found from internet. All of them seems to have a story behind, especially the last one. After you applied the grunge texture into the photograph, really brought us a story.

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