Exercise 105 – Jacob Kentner

Here are my images for this exercise. I ended up changing the blending mode and opacity of each blending mode to get the best looking image. The old photograph worked the best with the overlay blending mode set at 92% opacity. The other two blending modes do not allow the image to be as clear. The luminosity allows for much clearer color saturation on the sky and the mountains, I set a curve on the photo to allow for the shadows in the cliff faces to darken and to allow the tops of the mountains to illuminate more.




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  1. I like the ways how you blend the photos. They look great and natural. The only one suggestion is that the grunge texture doesn’t come out much. Maybe using another texture could make the photo more unique.

  2. I really like how bold and bright the colors are, specifically the blues. You did a really good job i really like you last pictures.

  3. I think its really interesting how the adjustments in your first image brings out particular parts, especially the overlay. The multiply and screen instead of bringing out makes every part of the photo seem all together. Your luminosity affects really clears and removes the haziness of the background. I think your grudge texture though affects almost all of it except for the rocks on the right side in the foreground. But I really like how it makes the image look 2D and like paper.

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