Exercise 105 – JINWOO.KIM

1 - Curves 1 -Doding-and-burning-images 1 -Levels 1 -Making-images-pop 1 -Original 1-Black-&-White 2 - Curves 2 - Doding-and-burning-images 2- Black-&-White 2 -Levels 2 -Making-images-pop 2 -Original 3 - Curves 3 - Doding-and-burning-images 3- Black-&-White 3 -Levels 3 -Making-images-pop 3 -Original


Listen ~!

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  1. Wow, the vibrancy in that last set of photos is amazing. I thought at first I thought it was a trick with the color balance but it really is such a wonderful color. Great job!

  2. I really like what you’ve worked on especially the chair picture. I’ve never thought the way to take pictures as you. I wanna see how you take picture of buildings.

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