Exercise 105 – Kaye Azucenas

By Kaye Azucenas

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Comments (5)

  1. The way you edited these photos is so good! I can definitely see the powerful difference between them. The black and white one was so detailed and in the sunset and dog one you definitely brought out the colors of the photos! The grunge one appears very realistic and with the snow mountain one I loved seeing the purple, blue, and red/orange colors being brought out.

  2. I really like how you edited the photos to make all the colors standout more. My favorite is the mountain photo, because the editing allows the details to show.

  3. I like how your edited the colour photos, it gives a great colour saturation and it gives feeling. The colour photos have a feeling of dreamy and fantasy which is the essence of photo editing. The paper grunge blending mode is very interesting! The choice of photo as old umbrellas perfectly match the effect.

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