Exercise 105 – Pericles Bien

First Set of Images: Used Multiply then added a Curves/Luminosity layer over it.

Second Set: Used Multiply, Screen, and Overlay individually

Third Set: Curve/Luminosity and two grunge textures layered over each other in the final image

Links to images:

1950s Car Club Langhorne PA



Comments (3)

  1. Good photos. After adding a curves and Luminosity layer, the colors of the red car, blue sky and the green grass stand out of the photo.

  2. the train picture is very good. its interesting to see how much multiple,screen, and overlay could make or break a photo

  3. I loved the train photo, the use of multiply really brought some depth into it and eliminated how washed out the original looked. The grunge texture you used on the boat photo also did a wonderful job of making the picture feel more tangible but wasn’t overpowering.

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