Exercise 105 – Sergio Fermor

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  1. The picture on the railroad tracks is the most interesting to me, with the picture of the shoes being a close second. It looks like the “pop” layer for the railroad tracks picture bumped beyond the 118% suggestion in the tutorial. I found I needed to bump up to values greater than the tutorial to get much of an effect. I like to “pop” layer the best.

    When you get time, you should delete and repost the exercise to get rid of the duplicate pictures. I had to delete and repost three times in order to eliminate duplicates and get the gallery to show at the bottom of my post for this exercise.

  2. All three of your photos have great composition. I especially like the contrast of this series of three very different images.
    The repetition of geometric shapes and the strong lines determined by the buildings and streets in your bird’s-eye view of the city blocks creates a lot of opportunity to direct the eye in observation. This engages the viewer really well.
    Your image of the person between the train tracks also does a great job at directing the gaze to that figure. The tracks and the bridge create a framing effect and the eye is drawn into that frame. The body language of this figure in that setting also leaves the viewer with a wide variety of potential interesting story lines. There is enough to get the imagination working with some content, but not quite enough for her to deduce too many particulars. The most enjoyable for me of that railroad series is the one with the very blue sky. The colors give it energy compared to the rest and lots of life.
    The image of the shoes is great because the repetition of the colors, shadow shapes and object shapes make it easy to engage with. It’s fun and again holds a bit of a story. Those shoes were taken off with care and set aside to go do something or they are waiting to be put on to go do something- and soon.

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