Exercise 105 – Shane Chavez

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  1. I like the blend mode used in the first image of the older man. By darkening the image you’ve brought out more detail in the background such as the shadow cast by the lamp. The man’s face also looks more physical with the darker look.

  2. I really like the photos you decided to use to blend and darken the image. The sunset image makes you want to be there. great job on blending techniques.

  3. The changes you made were subtle but noticeable, and improved the pictures. You did a very good job with the black and white photos.

  4. The last picture is indeed well blended and it actually the use warm colors bring the viewer to like the photo.

  5. The last picture is indeed well blended, and the fact that it changed the environment through the use of warm tones, make this photo welcoming to the viewer eye.

  6. The blend mode you used for the last picture was great. I likes how you changed the tone of the picture and made it brighter.

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