Steven Goetz – Exercise 105

Three photos have each been modified in Photoshop to show: conversion from color to black and white (I found using the presets worked well; adjusting levels of black and white pixels (the sunset picture required no adjustment); adjusting the curve for lightness/darkness in the drawing (The software would not let me perform step #7 in Tutorial 1.3 to make specific areas of the photo lighter or darker); adjusting red/blue/green colors to make the photo "pop"; and the effect of dodging/burning tools.

I also have posted a version of each photo that uses a combination of layers from Photoshop that seemed to work best to enhance the photo.

Going through this exercise educated me on my camera, a Canon PhotoShot A590IS. I started to read the manual after having it for five years. I still have a way to go since the instructions are in a 200+ page booklet. Using Photoshop also helped me understand how I could take a better photo in the first place, and reduce the need to modify it.

By Steven Goetz

My objective this semester is to learn the digital tools necessary for the design profession. I have taken Digital Tools for Architects 135, Autocad and Intro to Graphics Design.

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  1. Another really nice series of compositions- well done.
    On the sunset photo, your “curves” version is enchanting. Very good job at capturing the brilliant colors in contrast with the approaching darkness in a sunset.
    With respect to the image of the sculpture of the duck and the man’s head, the black and white one interests me because I can’t quite get a gage on the scale of the thing. It is a little surreal for that reason and because the interaction is so entertaining and seems like a situation that is contrived.

  2. I really enjoy the photo of Statue. I liked your color choice, but personally I would think that the picture would look better if you darkened up the background. It looks a little bit too overexposed.

  3. All of your shots are amazing ! the lighting of the sunset is really good try playing with the burn and dodge tool for the fountain area

  4. If you look at the original picture, you can see the actual different shades in the sky. When you look at your edited picture The sky is washed out. Other than that great job!

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