Exercise 105-Yanhui Lu

link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/huddersfieldexposed/23832730402/in/photolist-Cj1YqS-p7XXBw-C2t5po-kgfGsC-px2dAX-nEoCcn-gFEToX-qZJtH2-8idt8B-C2sh1b-AHpojB-Crhi2b-kgcsag-rv5BBz-7smpRw-r4yXm7-VJHL37-CrgDYJ-kggKYy-r3Swc7-kgd3uN-GBAfVZ-CuFipP-GKurDg-kghHbP-DjNbpn-p75s5Z-roAMAV-9p9caw-oTCbNu-kgiNqe-GBAg4z-VdaTuQ-h41E8a-GvMoo4-FGdCc6-VYbi5n-VNrjja-FGdC5c-8V8TjB-VUAP4k-CuyyYQ-qStrEF-qHpA2y-Cuyx8A-fMPg1H-nYReo5-Cuyyz3-GBAfQt-DpKKjw

Glorious past...

undated photograph of Golcar

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  1. The photo of the city is out standing compare to the rest. I love the way you apply grunge and the brown border to your photo,It makes the photo turn out like a drawing product from illustrator rather than a photograph

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