Exercise 106- Audrey Ellen Pukarta

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  1. For your HDR picture, I think that the way that you’ve brought out the sky more into the image brings the entire composition, it makes the image feel more united. The colors that bounce off against one another, complimenting each other! It is beautiful and so vibrant.

  2. The HDR technique really brought out the best of the building photo. The details of the building – like the walls, concrete, and greenery were not lost. You also made a good choice of clouds to mask in the photo. It looks almost natural and makes the image more engaging. Kudos to the way you composed that photo as well!

  3. Your HDR photo really grabbed my attention and drew my eye in with its vibrancy of color and level of detail/texture in the building. I also like how you positioned the picture where the lights, beams, and roof line radiate from the center of the photo.

  4. it is very hard to tell that the clouds were add in it look very normal and like it was just a cloudy day, but i cant tell which photo is which of the finish assignments

  5. The HDR photo is very nice! The colors really pop out and its a great eye pleasing photograph. Also the way you decided to take the picture helps in knowing how to read the photo.

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