Exercise-106 HDR and Panoramic shot

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  1. I really like the high contrast colors of the plants, the reds, yellow, green tones pop out! Overall great picture.

  2. Having the closer plants colored in a vibrant pink, red, orange, and green makes the image pop. It definitely shows where you’d like the image to draw other people’s attention. The panoramic of the ET Building is well made and interesting to see with the curved bricks.

  3. First image is good in terms of contrast and vibrance. The red, green and blue tones were able to pop out through the channel mixer. This is very useful in a scene with flowers and garden. The panorama image turned out well when you were able to control your movement around the camera instead of the other way around. With the photomerge technique applied to the images you are able to achieve a good image over all. Thank you.

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