exercise 106 – Yunbo Yan

link: http://instappraisal.quadrixit.netdna-cdn.com/sites/instappraisal/files/appraisal_images/img032.jpg


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  1. I love the photos with a long bridge and a man in the middle. The bridge extends from us to the top right corner which gives us the feeling of depth. The trees on the left and the right look fresher than those in the original photos. Well done!

  2. These images are stunning! Your pictures with the grungy effect are definitely my favorite. The only issue is the fact that some images look almost indistinguishable. You seem to be playing it a bit safe with your edits. Which obliviously works, however your not really learning anything that way

  3. I like your picture with grungy effect. However, other than that, I can not distinguish original one of the picture with bridge and a man in the middle, and your fixed one

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