Exercise 108

The creating of these scenes has been a bit challenging due to the extra attention to the shadows on the people and on the background at the same time. Nevertheless, it is a great feature to learn.

The featured image has a background I took, in the second scene I used a background from Creative Commons Search. I like the grass texture.

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  1. A good trick I’ve learned that I believe would be helpful: when you paste the cutout folks into the environment image, apply a curves or levels adjustment layer set only to effect the cutout person layer. Then you can adjust the overall as well as different color channels in the adjustment layer to match the light and color cast of the environment.
    Also, you can flip the cutouts to match the light source of the environment. In both images, the shadows on the people are reversed from where they would naturally lay in relation to the sun.

  2. I think you did a good job on your images, the only comment I have is in the one with the guy with the glasses he could be a little bigger. But the shadows you created a really good.

  3. You did a good job! I think that your shadows came out fine, but the only thing I would advise is to look at your proportions.

  4. I think you did a really good job at setting up the shadow in the first image. The blur and color balance is really spot on. The only thing I would suggest is the scale of the running man in the first image could be a little bigger.

  5. Hello Silvia,

    I think you did a really excellent job of choosing the length and angle of the shadows. I myself struggled with that particular facet of this exercise the most, so it’s really cool to see that you nailed it. I would agree that the height of the man in the first photo seems a little off, but you clearly made these compositions with care. Good job!

    – Joe

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