Exercise 108

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  1. I like the street view with the lady walking along the street. You applied a good shadow on her and her outfit also fit into the picture as well. Doing yoga in the natural environment is also interesting too. I wonder if she would be hurt from some sharpening grass with her bare feet.

  2. The photo of the city background with the person you included is so amazing. This picture actually looks real and if I didn’t know any better I would think that the person was there when the picture was taken.

  3. You paid really good attention to the angle of the shadows, especially in the cityscape. I would say that the shadow in the cityscape could be blurred a bit more and the lighting in the landscape is a little dak but overall very nice job.

  4. I really like the person you chose for the first image. The outfit the person is wearing really matches well the surrounding buildings, given its similar color scheme.

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